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'I See a Darkness', Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin 2015 Curated by Davey Moor and featuring the artists Eleanor Duffin, Lorraine Nesson, Paul Nugent, Niamh O Malley and Nicky Teegan. Upon entering the endangered & extinct species room on a recent visit to the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris, almost all of the lights went out. Walking through the long room in this crepuscular mode was an oddly fitting—eyes swimming through darkness and history in the glooming dim. As banal as it seems to highlight, elevated brightness is intrinsic to most displays of fine art—including video works closeted in dark rooms. We don’t tend to wander round galleries squinting, unless it’s from over-illumination, but tempered brightness and tones can offer more than they hide. Stepping into darkness, with both terror and exhilaration, is an essential and universal passage. All photographs have been taken by Davey Moor Scroll Right --> 2.jpg